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Silk Screens - A Day of a Thousand Joys
19th July 2008

Descendants of the Yellow Emperor surprise,
In a day to enjoy dim sum – the ‘little hearts’ of life
Confucius is the moral sage who rocks!
Secrets and delights will be unlocked!

Hi Ching - Cultural Advisor and Silk Screens Live Artistic Director

Coco Singing

With attention turning to Beijing and the 2008 Olympics, Silk Screens celebrated Chinese heritage closer to home. Free open-air events in Birmingham. Glasgow, London and Manchester revealed the rich fabric of British Chinese lives across the country. Silk Screen took place simultaneously at Big Screen locations in four cities on 19th July and marked the end of the 6-month nationwide CHINA NOW, the largest Chinese festival in the UK ever. A wonderful series of video portraits of and by Chinese communities in Britain, made with the support of BBC Video Nation, were screened through the afternoon.

Kathy Haidao

River Cultures has engaged the community in Summer workshops around the Chinese philosophy of Confucius. The learning of Confucian phrases, text, calligraphy and dance produced designs and performances for the event in London. The character of Confucius updated for today’s performances was created and videoed.

For this special occasion, we invited China’s foremost jazz singer, Coco Zhao who performed Chinese ‘golden’ songs in special arrangements with the Chamber Music Company in London. In Manchester, the same genre of songs was performed by British Taiwanese singer Der-Shin Hwang with Chilli Silk musicians.

Der-Shin Hwang

Hi Ching created the Confucius role, composed the jingles and wrote the processional music for the event which used by each city’s individual processional choreographer.

Partners for this event were UK Chinese community groups, BBC Big Screens, BBC Video Nation, China Now, Emergency Exit Arts, Meridian Society and Tish Francis Associates Limited

View the Community Videos at the BBC.

Event flyer [PDF 700k]

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